I love to draw.


As a child

I would draw shapes




I drew my own lines

and I erased them

and drew again


But now,

My pencil has been usurped

and people have started drawing lines

for me,

Around me

Above me

In me.


I want the pencil back

Because my picture looks nice

to me

only with

the lines I have drawn.



Where do you draw the line?

I don’t know

you draw yours

I draw mine

Let me draw mine.


Published by: urjalakhani

Urja Lakhani is a passionate to do lister, a bibliophile and a newbie violin virtuoso. She is fascinated by Economics and Finance which is just a better way of saying that she loves money and wants to make an obscene amount of it. The best way to irk her would be to tell her that she can’t do something because she is a girl, but then again she has probably done it already.

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