An open letter to my creator

Dear Maa,


I don’t really tell you this a lot but I need you. How much I need you, you have no idea and neither do I because if I know something, you know it. Everything that I have learnt in life until today is either from you or because of you and I have never ever thanked you for it. I assume you know. I assume that you know that how infinitely deep my love for you is just like I assume that you know that infinity is my favorite word. When you don’t, I can’t quite comprehend that and I may get a little unpleasant. I forget sometimes, that you are only human as well; that you have your limitations. It is unfair on my part because you never expect perfection from me. You love me, and my imperfections.


I am impulsive, hotheaded, impatient and a bad daughter in general. But, I am a good person and that’s because of you. The bad daughter part is on me. I wanted to use this opportunity to apologize profusely. I know that you have dedicated your entire life to raising me and I barely ever acknowledge what a humungous amount of dedication and affection that requires. I often wonder if I have that capability, to love someone that unconditionally. I perhaps don’t, which is why I need you. I might never be a mother myself, so I might never know how you feel but I wanted to let you know that every day I am going to try harder to understand your perspective, something I seldom do right now.


I might never be a mother, but I promise that when you get old we will exchange roles. I will take care of you and papa and be there for you like you are for me right now. Then, you can be impulsive, hotheaded and impatient – and I will have to be the understanding one. I am not ready to be that person right now, but I just wanted to let you know that I am trying and that I will get there, with your support. Like I always get everywhere I want to get, with your support.


Love, as much as humanly possible,




Published by: urjalakhani

Urja Lakhani is a passionate to do lister, a bibliophile and a newbie violin virtuoso. She is fascinated by Economics and Finance which is just a better way of saying that she loves money and wants to make an obscene amount of it. The best way to irk her would be to tell her that she can’t do something because she is a girl, but then again she has probably done it already.

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