Lovers on the Bridge

Stern Walk

She wore a beautiful black dress

A cocktail dress –

That pale face

Dark Eyes

And Red


She laughed as she walked


But Stern


I stared in awe


She wasn’t alone

She was walking

With a man

In a black suit

And black overcoat

Angular face

Black hair

Deep eyes


I was walking

Towards them

As I walked

They parted

To make space for me

She was still laughing

And he looked at me

Into my eyes

And then I realized

It was her,

He was looking at


They were lovers


That night

Was when I first

Acquainted with life

And death.




Published by: urjalakhani

Urja Lakhani is a passionate to do lister, a bibliophile and a newbie violin virtuoso. She is fascinated by Economics and Finance which is just a better way of saying that she loves money and wants to make an obscene amount of it. The best way to irk her would be to tell her that she can’t do something because she is a girl, but then again she has probably done it already.

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