A Road Story

I was walking out of a temple

To a line of beggars

And street vendors

Commotion and cars


Knocking on doors

Climbing on cars


A little girl

With big brown eyes

And a tattered skirt

Wearing a necklace of beads

She picked up

From a strage alley



Begs for some money

To pay the man

To avoid getting hurt

At night


She targets one car

And begs

Her brown eyes

Do no magic this time

And the car does not stop

She keeps banging

On windows

Ambitious little girl


They don’t stop

She quickly runs to the red Audi

Unaware of another car

Speeding in her direction





Someone yells

And the motion comes to rest

As she plunges back out

From the depth of death


She doesn’t understand what has happened

And walks away to her friend who sells balloons


I am left thinking…


What effect would it have on the world if she dies?



What effect would it have on the world if I die?



The same answer echoes.



Published by: urjalakhani

Urja Lakhani is a passionate to do lister, a bibliophile and a newbie violin virtuoso. She is fascinated by Economics and Finance which is just a better way of saying that she loves money and wants to make an obscene amount of it. The best way to irk her would be to tell her that she can’t do something because she is a girl, but then again she has probably done it already.

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